CHVFD Holds Awards Picnic

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The Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department held an Awards Picnic on July 27, 2002 at 6pm. The members of the department prepared a feast of backyard favorites for our guests, the ladies and ourselves. The top runners were given awards in both fire and EMS runs for the year of 2001. Top 5 Fire

There were also members who received lifetime membership status. Margie Byrd received her Ten Year-Life Membership card. Kimberly Lee and Mike Souders received their Twenty Year-Life Membership badge. Charles Miller, Robert McClelland,Sr., and Edward Hazel also received their 50 year pins. Oustanding service awards also went to Margie Byrd and to Jennifer McClelland. A big thank you goes out to all the members career and volunteer who pitched in to help!

Top 5 Fire

Former Lt. James McClelland, Jr.
Asst. Chief John Weaver
Chief James McClelland, Sr.
Lt. Bob Russell
FF Kimberly Lee

Top 3 EMS

FF Kimberly Lee
Elizabeth Souders
Former Lt. James McClelland, Jr.