Capitol Heights Vol. Fire Department Starts New Community Support Program

We would like to thank the members of Faith Tabernacle of Prayer and Praise Church for their donation of teddy bears and other assorted stuffed animals for our new Creatures of Comfort program.

In 2007, the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department responded to over 5,000 emergencies. Many of these emergencies impacted or involved children. The Creatures of Comfort program will help provide comfort to children who have been impacted by a fire or medical emergency through small stuffed animals. A small stuffed animal will often calm a distressed child in the chaos of an emergency situation like a fire, medical emergency, or accident. These animals might also be used to capture a child’s attention while they or a loved one is being treated by EMS personnel.

If you would like to participate in our Creatures of Comfort Program please bring a new small stuffed bear or other furry friend (no larger than 12″ high) to the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department, 6061 Central Avenue, Capitol Heights, Maryland 20743.

In addition to our Creatures of Comfort program, the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department provides fire prevention activities at events throughout the county with Fire Safety House 5 – the first handicapped accessible teaching unit in Prince George’s County. The Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department also provides CPR instruction to churches, community groups, and workplaces throughout the area.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our community based programs visit our website at