Imran Down Under

From the beaches of Normandy, to the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department members have always been a well-traveled group. These individuals have traveled to other countries for various reasons including their job duties and service in the military.

Recently, one of our own, Imran Faruqi departed in early 2010 to continue his study of medicine in Brisbane, Australia. In addition to studying an incredible amount of physiology and pathology, Imran has taken in some warm temperatures, beautiful scenery, and visited a few firefighters along the way.

Members often use the department for a starting point in their careers. The training and experience that we receive as firefighters and EMTs often prepares us for other roles in we take on life. Imran values those experiences that he took with him to Brisbane. He notes: ” My work as an EMT has put me head and shoulders above my peers in my clinical training classes. Having had practice taking histories and working with patients in an actual health care setting has provided me a solid foundation to build my physician training on. Many of the students I am enrolled with have never spoken to a patient, let alone taken a history. I can’t emphasize enough how great volunteering as an EMT has been for me and how it has allowed me to grow as a provider.”

Even in Australia, someone could experience firehouse withdrawal; so the next logical step would be to visit the local fire station to hang out with the guys. In keeping with the brotherhood of the fire service, Brisbane firefighters welcomed Imran with open arms. They shared stories, compared firefighting tactics, and demonstrated different equipment and technology that we do not have in the U.S. We learned that in Australia, an aussie firefighter is nicknamed “firey.”

We have recently learned that our member down under will return home. Instead of doing his first year “medical elective” with the Royal Australian Flying Doctors or in hospitals around the world, he has opted to return to the U.S. to be with his family who is expecting it’s own new member. Imran’s sister and her husband are expecting their first child in the fall. This means that the Capitol Heights Volunteer Fire Department will have Imran back in quarters for a few months and he can fulfill his medical elective by observing patient care on a regular basis in a health care setting. As a pre-hospital care provider he will be able to achieve that.

We look forward to Imran’s return to Capitol Heights and commend him for being a great CHVFD ambassador while in Australia.